VNL Leisure Club is a members club exclusively available to Village n Life fans. There are three types of membership categories namely Nominated Members, Members and Regular Patron Members. Please read more about each category and how to apply below.


Nominated membership

Any person who comes into contact with the Village n Life brand and would potentially want to become a member can apply for nominated membership. Nominated membership will grant the guest access to an exclusive overnight rate valid for 3 months. Once the nominated member has stayed over in one of our partner hotels or serviced place they become a member and qualify for the rest of the benefits.



Guests who have previously stayed with Village n Life can apply to become a Leisure Club Member by completing the registration form. Once the membership has been approved you will be notified and you immediately qualify for all the benefits. Should VNL Leisure members not stay with Village n Life for 12 months, the membership status will be cancelled.


Regular patron membership

Locals and regulars who spend more time at our partner restaurants, bars, salons and spa’s can apply for regular patron membership. Regular patrons will need to be verified by management. Once verified, regular patron members will have access to all the benefits and they will receive a card allowing ease of access.