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Step 1: Register Online

Embark on your journey to exclusive leisure by signing up at Village N Life Leisure Club Registration.
The process is quick and simple, setting the stage for a seamless entry to exclusive privileges.

Step 2: Welcome to the Village N Life Leisure Club!

Once you become a member of the Village N Life Leisure Club as part of our community,
you can look forward to enhancing your experiences with a range of exclusive privileges and benefits.

Exclusive Membership Highlights:

  • Flash Sales: Stay tuned for tailored Flash Sales offering exclusive deals.
  • Best Available Rate: Enjoy discounted rates year-round with ease.
  • 4 Day Lead Offers: Seize up to 80% savings in our weekly Flash Sales every Thursday.
  • Change Password: Enhance account security with a personalized password.
  • Card Request: Download your digital card for travel perks and seamless check-ins.
  • Online Check-In: Coming soon! Simplify check-in with pre-submitted information.

With your Leisure Club Card in hand, you’re set to explore a world of leisure that goes beyond the ordinary.
Enjoy the journey and make the most of the exclusive benefits that come with being a member of the Village N Life Leisure Club!

Welcome to a life of leisure made extraordinary.